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Pest Control Dublin

(Effective Pest Control Dublin are now also covering most of Louth, Cavan, Meath, Westmeath, Kildare & Wicklow)

We are Ireland’s favourite provider of pest control solutions from prevention and protection to removal and elimination. Effective Pest Control Dublin have technicians on call 7 days a week throughout the country to keep your home and business protected. We specialise in providing a friendly, discreet and quality service for the prompt removal of rats, mice, wasps and other forms of pests.

It is appreciated that when your home or business is invaded by unwanted pests that the experience can be alarming and upsetting. We are therefore there to provide a thorough and professional treatment and eradication service to meet your needs.

We have more than 7 years experience in the business of pest control and are proud to be providing a discreet and quality pest control service.

Effective Pest Control Dublin guarantees:

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  • Commercial and Domestic Services
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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are fast becoming a major pest. They are not native to Ireland and have made their way in through people’s clothes and suitcases. Bed bugs lay eggs that are nearly invisible and bedbugs themselves can lay dormant for up to a year…

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Spider Pest Control

flySpiders aren’t just a scourge during the summer, in the winter they move into your house and if you don’t treat is right, you’ll have a lot of them to deal with. Spiders lay eggs and attics have been known to be crawling with them…

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Flea Treatment

flyFleas come in with pets or children and can get everywhere. While diy remedies exist, sometimes a flea problem can get too big and require professional flea treatment.

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Vermin & Rodent Control

Of all the infestations you can get, a mouse infestation is perhaps one of the cutest. If you are one of the many people afraid of mice, you probably won’t agree of course. And actually, you’d be right. They might be furry and quite easy on…

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Woodworm Treatment

woodwormWoodworm is often ignored until it is too late. When woodworm is discovered, a pest control company should be consulted. Effective Pest Control Dublin are specialised in sourcing, eradicating and proofing against woodworm…

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Rat Control

woodwormRats are a scourge both in towns and in the country – they live in and destroy property and carry disease. Rats will normally require professional extermination control to remove them fully.

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Wasp Nest Removal

waspsWasp removal or extermination requires professional expertise as wasps are one of the nastiest pests out there. If you have a wasps’ nest in the vicinity, you’ll want to get the pest control professionals in asap to come out and get rid of them.

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Cockroach Treatment

cockroachesCockroaches require professional attention. Effective Pest Control Dublin have a professional cockroach extermination team. We exterminate and proof your premises against future cockroach infestations.

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Mouse Exterminators

Mouse ExterminatorsMice chew through walls, wires and wood and can be a health risk. A small mouse problem can grow out of control rapidly if not tackled rapidly which is where Effective Pest Control comes in.

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“Effective Pest Control Dublin
Ireland’s favourite provider of pest control solutions from prevention and protection to removal and elimination. Providing pest control in Dublin, Meath and surrounds.”